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FORD, SMALL BLOCK 302 HO w/ E7, GT40P & GT40


A bit of history:

Alex engineered his first drop in style spring kit for GT40 SB Ford back in 2003. An old hot rod buddy was looking for springs for his 5.0 but wanted something from us as he knew if he could coax Alex into making something for him, it would be done right and have a reasonable price.

The customers heads had stock springs and he was getting ready to change cams. Back then, there wasn't a lot of choice for staggered tip length SB Ford heads. After discussing the cam specs, Alex smiled and agreed to build a kit for him. It needed to fit the heads without machine work, produce a decent seat and open load and allow for at least .544" lift.

One day later, Alex had created our first Gt40 SBF spring kit, ready for testing.

After 6 months of aggressive and spirited street/strip driving, it was agreed to as a success.

At the time, we didn't even think about making these kits available... it was just another custom build.

After a number of months, we noticed more and more requests for GT40 & GT40P springs so we jumped on-board and started building SB Ford kits in various configurations.

Today, Alex's Parts offers more drop in spring kits than anyone else and we're always looking for ways to make them even better.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us through the process.

Best regards, Alex's Parts