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Locks Keepers, Hardened 11/32" X 7 Degree, .045" Down Locks, -.045", Sold in 1/2 Sets

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Product Description

Down locks will produce .045" LESS Installed height than std locks

Hardened Single Groove Down Locks

Application: 11/32" Applications


These are sold in half sets of 16 halves which is enough for 8 valves. If you need enough for 16 valves, simply order quantity of two.


Down locks are designed to offer LESS installed height.

We offer two different versions of down locks. These are the .045" down version.

The main reason to use down locks is when there is way too much installed height w/ Std locks and the installer doesn't want a tall stack of shims.

Some applications have a stepped spring base which only accept a certain amount of shims before the step is lost. These applications need the step to locate the spring so down locks are the best choice.

Many Ford applications use a stepped spring base.

Specially manufactured for added strength, these Down locks are great for any performance single groove 11/32" valve application in need of lowering the installed height.

If you look at the pictures, you can see the locator bead is offset upward.



  • Made in the USA
  • Reddish Surface Finish
  • Hardened to Resist Wear
  • 7 Degree Lock Angle
  • Approximately .045" less installed height (see *note below)
  • Single Groove Square Bead
  • Comes with 16 halves.
  • Enough for eight valves.




*NOTE- The actual reduction in installed height will vary between std locks from different production runs. We base the .045" less height on current inventory of std Green locks we have in stock. Be aware there can be variations from one brand of std locks to another so the amount of change may vary.

NOTE 2- There are certain applications where additional attention to detail is required. Applications where clearance between retainer bottom side and seal/guide is tight will acquire less clearance when using down locks. Most engines have enough room but there are a few which do not. Iron headed SB Chevy VORTEC heads is one such application. We do not normally use down locks on such engines unless we have verified or machine the guides down to produce enough clearance between retainer base and seal.

Be aware the retainer base will drop by .045" less which will reduce retainer to seal clearance accordingly. It's always wise to measure the retainer to seal clearance during assembly.


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