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1.500" Stainless Steel Exh Valves, Vortec, LT1, Single Groove, Std Length .289" late SB Chevy, Set of Eight Exhaust Valves

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Product Description


1.500" SS Exhaust Valves Late SBC, Single Groove

Fits: SBC Vortec & LT1

Purchase quantity 1, get a set of eight exhaust valves.


These 1.5" Std length Stainless Steel Valves are the perfect replacements for SBC Vortec, LT1 or any SBC head which would benefit from using a single groove valve.

Unlike common aftermarket SBC valves which come with .250" tip lengths, these have the correct tips to work with all the various OEM SBC/GM head castings.

Whats the difference?

All SBC exhaust valves come from the factory w/ .289" groove to tip lengths- they never used .250" tip lengths like what is so common in aftermarket valves today.

When .250" tip length valves are used with self aligning rockers, there is risk of the alignment rails contacting the retainer and/or valve locks

For those who think this is not important- just ask anyone who's blown an engine because the self aligning rocker was hitting the locks or retainer.

Contact in this area always results in engine failure.

All OEM SBC heads are engineered to work with .289" tip length exhaust valves. Allot of folks are not aware that OEM SBC head castings have the exhaust spring pocket machined deeper than the intake. This is why when aftermarket valves w/ .250" tip lengths are installed, the exhaust position always have around .030" more installed height than the intake.

.250" tip length valves are for use with aftermarket heads where the exhaust spring pockets are machined to the same depth as the intakes but for OEM SBC heads, the proper tip lengths are: .259"/.260" for the intake and .289"/.290" for the exhaust.

If you're going through a set of OEM SBC heads and want to upgrade the exhaust valves, these are the correct replacements.



  • Manufactured from Premium Grade Stainless Steel Material
  • Material- 21-4N aka EV8
  • Swirl Polished undercut stems. (as pictured)
  • Exhaust- 1.500" head diameter X 4.910" overall length (STD)
  • 11/32" stems, (STD)
  • Single Groove
  • Exhaust- .289" groove to tip length
  • Hard Chromed Stems
  • Hard Tips to reduce wear
  • Replaces stock exhaust valves
  • Purchase is for 8 exhaust valves.

These exhaust valves also work on early Gen 1 SBC head castings where single groove exhaust valves are preferred over double. On the early heads, we always upgrade to single groove valves to keep the lower groove from entering into the positive valve seal when used with higher lift cams.



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