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*NEW* SB Ford, GT40P, E7 Drop In Beehive Valve Spring Kit, Max Output .525" Lift, Hyd Roller, VSK7Eb49-MC, Cutom Built to Order.

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Product Description

Fits Factory Heads, Custom Built to Order w/ 30 day processing time.

Max Output Beehive Valve Spring Kit for SB FORD GT40P

Application: Hydraulic Roller, up to .525" Lift, 131 Lbs Seat Pressure

Fitment: GT40P 302 heads (for GT40 kits, check our other listings)

Processing Time: Current processing time is around 30 days. This means it will ship in around 30+ days after placing your order.


Special Limited time Sale price!


Here is the Brand New Pacaloy Beehive spring kit from Alex's Parts; these are designed for hyd roller cams up to .525" lift.

There are so many SBF cams with lifts under .525" that we decided to develop a beehive spring just for them.

We're talking about Ford Racing letter cam numbers B, E & F, TFS Stage 1, Comp XE258HR, XE264HR, XE270HR and so many others in the under .525" lift range. It's became abundantly clear, there is a great need for beehive springs to work with all the various under .525" lift cams.

Also works with the stock cam including stock cam with high ratio rocker arms.

We get allot of questions as to what makes beehive springs so desirable, folks want to know whats up with these unique shaped springs?

There are several benefits but lets focus on the obvious advantage: Reduced Reciprocating Weight! (RRW)

Anything which helps the spring open and close with less resistance will improve the "valve control factor". For the same reason many race engines use titanium retainers, using small beehive retainers and a lighter "top side" of the spring offers the potential to increase power.

Since the top of the spring is way smaller than the bottom, it uses a tiny retainer which is way lighter than a traditional spring retainer, the difference in weight alone improves the springs ability to control valve action throughout the RPM range.

Max Output .525" beehive springs work with cams with up to around 248 degrees duration @ .050" (not to be confused with "advertised duration" which is always a higher number)

As with all our other drop in kits for Gt40P, machining is not needed for proper installation.

We do recommend the installed heights are measured and shimmed (if needed) to obtain the target installed height. (we include a target installed height spec sheet with every kit) [See Note 1 below]

Suitable for 1.6 or 1.7 ratio rocker arms as long as the lift does not exceed .525" @ the valve.

If you need help determining if these will work with your cam, use the "message us" link and include the cam brand and part number; we'll get back to you with an answer. (Be sure not to typo your email address though... you'd be surprised how often this happens- we can't answer if your email is wrong)

Max Output Pacaloy Beehive Springs were designed by Alex and manufactured in the USA- an Alex's Parts exclusive which you won't find anywhere else.



  • Top OD: 1.055"
  • Top ID: .652"
  • Bottom OD: 1.405"
  • Bottom ID: 1.005
  • Fits over factory stepped spring base w/o machine work
  • Seat Load- 131 Lbs @ 1.760"- Valve Closed Installed Height [See Note: 1 below]
  • Average Open Load @ .500" Lift: 321 Lbs.
  • Average Open Load @ .525" Lift: 332 Lbs.
  • Rate- 380#
  • Spring seat machining NOT needed
  • Springs are good to .525" w/ an additional .060" travel range beyond .525" (safety margin)
  • Parts are labeled for Intake and Exhaust positions



     Kit includes:

  • Sixteen Chrome Moly Steel Beehive Retainers
  • Hardened Valve Locks
  • 16 Drop in Beehive Springs
  • Spring Spec Sheet
  • Installed Height Target Spec



  • Staggered tip length SB Ford GT40P heads
  • Heads w/ aftermarket .393"/.393" valves including Ford racing .383"/.383" tip length valves should click the .393"/.393" option check box.


Suggestions: Measure spring installed heights to make sure it is correct. An installed height mic for beehive retainers is required.

Please note our viton valve seals use the OEM design but are manufactured from premium high temp Viton material. They're easy to install and are far superior to gasket set seals. If you want the best, these would be them.


Note 1: Each kit has it's own installed height specification. Only use the target height listed on the spec card included with your kit. Put the card in a safe location for future reference. Once the kit is built, installed height is matched to that particular kit- this information will not be available from us after it has shipped.

Note 2: This item is intended for hyd roller cams. For hyd flat tappet cams see our other listings.

Note 3: The installed height tolerance for this spring is: -.005"/+.010" on cams w/ .525" lift or -.010"/+.005" on cams with lifts under .515". Shim as close as you can for optimum results. Be sure the cone area of the retainer is clean and keep dust/debris away from locks/keepers. Dirty parts will affect installed heights by more than one might expect.

Note 4: For you Flat Tappet builders out there, we're working on a FT version just for you. It'll have 110 Lbs seat and will be good to at least .560" plus lift. If interested, use the "Contact Us " link.




Alex's Parts- An American run custom valve train parts shop~

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